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Doing Business in Smithfield

Downtown Smithfield is a great place to do business! Whether you are a seasoned small business owner or you are a first generation entrepreneur, we have resources to help ensure you succeed. Check out the links below for common resources and partners who can help you level up your business. 

Opening a Business

Here in Downtown Smithfield, we want to see success throughout all of our local businesses. Here you will find several resources to equip and uplift our business owners through grants. Click on the grant that interests you and any questions you may have please email to

  • R2 Rush Grant — To attract new investment to Downtown in the form of retail and restaurant businesses in ofder to build a critical mass of these us uses through the occupancy of available retail/restaurant space.

  • Lighting Grant — Assist property owners and their tenants in creating and environment that is more pedestrian friendly and increases the visibility of Downtown Smithfield businesses.

  • Awning Grant — Assisting property owners and their tenants in improving the physical appearance of their buildings and to encourage further downtown revitalization. 

  • DRIF — Providing a catalyst for new and accelerated residential development in the downtown area.

  • JEM — Encourages the development of activities 

  • SHARP — Encourages the rehabilitation of older buildings and/or promote infill growth with new commercial development in Downtown.


DSDC Meeting Minutes

Here at the DSDC, we want to keep you informed on what we’re discussing within our monthly meetings. Whether youre a business owner or a citizen of Smithfield, you’re reserved the right to know what we are planning and doing to help our downtown thrive. Here we have attached a file of our meeting minutes.

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