Main Street Program

Smithfield is a nationally accredited Main Street community.

North Carolina Main Street Program

In hundreds of cities and towns throughout the United States, civic leaders are working to bring life back to Main Street. Whether it’s the major downtown corridor in a small town or the commercial center of a larger city, Main Street is being rediscovered. As they work to reinforce and rekindle the economic vitality and values that Main Street stands for, communities are utilizing the Main Street approach to community revitalization, and in North Carolina, communities are turning to the North Carolina Main Street Center (NCMSC) for assistance.

National Trust Main Street Center

The National Trust’s National Main Street Center is the nation’s largest full-service commercial district revitalization organization. Established in 1980, the Center helped develop the Main Street Four-Point Approach, a comprehensive methodology that has been used by over 1600 communities to revitalize their traditional commercial districts. The approach, which is tailored to meet local needs and opportunities, focuses the work of local staff and volunteers in four key areas:
  • Organization: Building consensus and cooperation among public and private groups and individuals, and identifying sources of funding for revitalization activities.
  • Design: Enhancing the district’s physical appearance through building rehabilitation, compatible new construction, public improvements, and design management systems.
  • Promotion: Marketing the commercial district through events and advertising to attract customers, potential investors, new businesses, residents, and visitors.
  • Economic Restructuring: Strengthening the district’s economic base and creating new opportunities through careful analysis and appropriate mixed-use development.
Main Street revitalization is one of the most successful economic development strategies in America: every dollar a community uses to support its local Main Street program has leveraged an average of more than $38 in new investment.
The Center continues to offer technical assistance and informational resources to Main Street communities across the country.
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